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“Sin Su” has many names: Sin Su Hoa Binh, Sin Su Hanoi, Sin Tiger Ho Chi Minh, Little Tiger boy, King Tiger, but it has only one name is Sin or Tiger origin from the West. Original.


Origin: Cocoa is a type of tallow cooked from a number of leaves and trees in the forest discovered and prepared by the Ede people translated into Vietnamese as “happy”.
Recipe: This is an heirloom recipe of a few Ede ethnic people that we cannot disclose, but it includes herbs in the Central Highlands forest as follows: ginseng, frankincense, nail incense, three triggers, lingzhi herbal root, white angel, trade …
“Sin Su” has been around for a long time and is used by many ethnic people. Especially effective in prolonging intercourse from 30-45 minutes, preventing premature discharge, treating weak physiological, increasing euphoria during sex.
“Dragon Tiger” is a 100% natural herbal extract, cooked from many roots and leaves of precious medicinal herbs, benign ingredients, very safe, like herbal medicine. It also takes a long time to cook a batch of giant tiger prawns, from step into the forest to find enough ingredients, bring them to clean and cook for 2-3 days until the mixture thickens, turns into brown lumps. new to stop amber.

Sin Su has 2 types:
This type of Sin Su Vang ” is a popular item, is amber in color, milled in yellow: This item is fine to use, it also lasts 30-40 minutes, but the rate of successful users is about 97-98%. ” Black Tiger ” or Premium Black Sin: It is also Sin Su, but is cooked for a long time, bold, pure, and Super Fine. Used quickly, less hot, very smooth, good erection, Less bitter. The rate of effective users is up to 100%. This product is processed carefully, so the source is often broken, it takes a while.

Tiger is a vegetable vegetable cooked from 100% nature, so it is benign in nature and can be used for a long time. Each time you use, you should only use 1 small amount of tiger shells as small as green beans. Tiger pox is used for topical application, not as picky as the user, for every man 18 years or older can use it. Most of them are 100% effective. Tiger’s eye is harmful in that it makes your partner fall in love with it, demanding “love” a lot. You will consume more energy. The side effect is that when the user misuse the heirloom shown in the attached USER-MANUAL paper, it will be difficult to get an erection or ejaculate at will.


Chính sách giao hàng
-  Shop Ship COD 63 tỉnh thành (Hải Phòng nhận sau 15-30 phút, Miền bắc nhận sau khoảng 1 ngày, trung 2 ngày, nam 3 ngày).
- Đóng gói kín đáo, che tên sản phẩm.
-  Được kiếm tra trước khi thanh toán.
-  Đơn hàng từ 500.000đ shop free ship.
- Các bạn có nhu cầu mua sản phẩm bên mình thì hãy an tâm khi nhận được đơn hàng mình sẽ gói kín đáo và người giao hàng sẽ không biết cái gì nhé bí mật hàng toàn.
- Cảm ơn tất cả các bạn tin tưởng và ủng hộ shop trong thời gian qua, mình sẽ cố gắng hoàn thiện dịch vụ tốt nhất có thể, để đáp ứng mọi nhu cầu của khách hàng.

đóng gói kín đáo

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